Saint John, NB


We're really excited about the prospect of adding a new position within our growing team. This would be a big milestone for us because it would be the first time our growth necessitated adding another experienced accountant. If you join us you will:

  • be the primary contact for a small group of clients
  • help ensure the quality of our work across all of our clients
  • assist in expansion of our service offerings
  • allow us to grow more quickly
  • get to work with some amazing entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders
  • hang out with some (kinda) cool accountants

Have you received your accounting designation in the past few years? Are you looking for an opportunity to put it to use in a unique environment? Are you anxious for the chance to develop some new skills? Do you want to do work that you feel good about? If so, we'd love for you to apply.


This role will involve a good balance of recurring accounting responsibilities and ad hoc projects. The recurring work will include:

  • supervising and reviewing the work of other team members in the preparation monthly financial reports
  • being responsible for more complex accounting tasks
  • delivering reports and analysis to certain clients
  • holding those clients accountable for doing what they committed to in order to ensure their success

Project work will include both customer work and development of our own processes and expansion of our service offerings. Examples include:

  • implementing new accounting systems
  • budgeting & dashboard preparation
  • supporting clients who seeking financing
  • identification of tools to make us more productive and/or implement with clients
Additional Information

We're not for everyone. If your ideal work environment includes a suit, lots of unproductive meetings and making sure that you're not the first person to leave at night, we're not for you. Here are some things that you should know about us before deciding to apply:

  • no day will be the same and you'll often find yourself juggling your schedule.
  • we love creating if you can figure out ways to manage the above noted chaos better, we say "bring it on".
  • our clients are the most "entrepreneury" people you'll meet...that means that they can be simultaneously awesome, inspiring, disorganized and frustrating (they know it's all good).
  • we really encourage community'll get an extra week off per year to roll up your sleeves and help the non-profit of your choice.
  • we've got some great benefits and are really supportive of professional development.
  • in addition to some great clients we have lots of terrific partners, friends and supporters from whom you will learn a lot.
  • we're not an accounting firm, we're an accountability firm. Our real value is in helping our clients figure out how to meet their goals, not telling them how they did.
  • we're a B Corp and our passion for helping entrepreneurs and their communities is what drives us. Over 50% of our revenue comes from other B Corps, non-profits and purpose driven organizations.
  • Haley banned Star Wars t-shirts (except on Fridays), but we're working on it.