Charlottetown, PE


RevIQ is a team of analysts, producers, designers, product managers, gamers, and artists working together to improve the performance and design of free-to-play games and live-exploitation apps for mobile devices. Our focus is on working with established studios, indies, and publishers to improve the quality and appeal of their products across the total revenue performance, design, marketing, promotion, engagement, and customer lifecycle of the product. We work with some of the biggest names in games, and we're growing fast - our Data Analysts support our growing team of gaming professionals by providing clear and actionalble insight into why our players love (and hate) our titles!


A Data Analyst will combine their analytical skill sets to develop, test, and analyze hypotheses that will have a far-reaching impact on the success of the company and its Free to Play products. The Analyst will communicate these insights to key executive stakeholders, game designers, and lead developers to play an influential part in establishing this core analytics competency. The Data Analyst will assist in development and implementation of analytics tools and systems to help build out the overall analytics knowledgebase of the company, and in doing so create and validate models to better understand and predict user behavior. As well, the Data Analyst will assist in the development of analytics tools and systems to help build out the overall capabilities and efficiencies of the company.

Additional Information

RevIQ is a high-growth, high-energy opportunity for those types of people that can't stand still - we value agile, out-of-the-box thinking and empower employees to generate success for our clients and partners as they see best. Team members who "own" product successes have limitless opportunities for career growth.

Our talented team of multi-disiplinary professionals prides ourselves on continuous improvement and on-the-job training. We support our employees professional development goals and career plans with ongoing coaching and company-sponsored training. Whether you're a seasoned veteran who wants to gain skills in a complementary field, or you're a little green but want to stretch your skills, RevIQ will support your ambitions to grow.

Our team is dynamic, collegial, supportive, and adaptable. Perks of working here start with a great downtown Charlottetown office, engaging corporate wellness and recognition programmes, and spectacular medical and dental insurance. From there, we add performance-based profit sharing, quarterly off-sites, and community engagement programmes, and other opportunities you'd like to see us pursue! Plus, we probably have the best office coffee in town!