The Opportunity

Toronto, ON
Marketing and Advertising
Entry Level


We need passionate and dedicated volunteers like you!

Role: Digital Community Strategist (and Social Media & Content Specialist)

  • Do you love building online communities and inspiring a group of passionate people?
  • Are you a social media guru that knows how all the social media platforms work?
  • Are you creative marketing mind that loves team building and giving back to the community by rallying others around a cause through exciting, empathetic, and engaging content?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. We need you on our team.

You'll be one of our digital community champions that spearheads the creation of digital branding strategy across the organization!

You'll work in a team of Digital Community Strategists and Social Media & Content Specialists and as a unit you will have the opportunity to explore, expand, develop, and dream big for our digital brand and marketing strategy. You'll be supported by a marketing team with diverse skillset, business analysis team, partnership team and graphic designers and visual identity team among others.

Your Impact:

You'll dream big and develop honest high-impact content that touches on the heart of Free Geek Toronto's mission, impact and socially minded service! You'll build an engaged only community of FGT cheerleaders, reach a wider audience, explore viral marketing strategies and digital media campaigns and champion the creation of online community that knows and loves FGT!

Your impact is not limited to a predetermined set of responsibilities. We really listen to you, both within and without the context of your role. We have a non-hierarchical structure, which means that your word is as important as anyone else's, and when you have a smart idea, it's not going to die in a suggestion box ? you can truly shape the path of this organization.

Additionally, you'll help build a more cohesive and dedicated volunteer team. You will also provide community members from marginalized groups, as well as volunteers like yourself, a chance to acquire technology, information and skills needed to reach the goals they aspire to and improve their life, through skill development and training events.

What you'll do


What you'll do:

  • Power digital community development, digital strategy and content creation for all digital and social media channels for Free Geek Toronto, including (but not limited to):, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.
  • Engage, inspire and expand a collective digital audience
  • Synthesize and co-ordinate the needs of various departments (Partnerships, Sales, Visual identity & Graphics, Events, Community Relations) into a single, constantly updating digital content calendar and greater marketing calendar
  • Dream big and come up with creative and unique ideas while providing strategic thinking, leadership and counsel against a variety of organizational and marketing objectives and initiatives
  • Lead the creation and publication of a multitude of content (including planned and in-the-moment) and feel comfortable taking an idea and bringing to life, while asking your team and the organization for any support that you may need to reach the goal
  • Develop and maintain a social media calendar that keeps a strategic line up of content flowing to engage and inspire our digital community to learn more about us our mission, our vision, and how we are actively changing our communities
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance and success of the Free Geek Toronto digital channels, while devising new strategies and opportunities to move the needl
  • Help us analyze and learn from what & how we are doing so we can grow and move forward - define and track key performance indicators and benchmarks for digital marketing success
  • Write honest, empathetic, and engaging headlines, taglines, product descriptions, promotional copy and branding content based on marketing strategies that you design (with a team of colleagues always ready to support you)
  • Assist with the coordination and execution of all key promotions, events and partner activations, including preparatory and day-of logistics
  • Take ownership of writing projects to bring concepts and ideas to life; develop and maintain a brand voice and integrity in all communications
  • Share your ideas as you go to get feedback and support for personal and professional growth from a team of supportive peers and professionals
  • Take up opportunities to coach and share skills with your peers, growing your team building experience in the process

What you'll need


Some of the skills you may bring to the table:

  • An empathetic, enthusiastic, and evocative writer - an eager beaver with pen (or keyboard)
  • Aspiring or seasoned brand marketer with thorough knowledge of the digital space
  • A strategic and platform expert with growing or seasoned experience managing and using multiple digital platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc
  • A self-motivated go-getter who lives to take on challenges & opportunities of all shapes and sizes, and can creatively convert a challenge into an opportunity or leverage what is available
  • An inspiring creative thinker who can come up with great ideas, develop them collaboratively, rally a team around and bring them to life
  • A thoughtful and professional communicator with the experience, attention to detail and demeanour required to be on the front lines of the Free Geek Toronto brand
  • An aspiring or seasoned presenter and communicator, comfortable speaking in front of internal and external groups, or with an interest in developing this skill
  • A team player that can listen to others ideas, constructively explore options and opportunities, and deliver creative community building results

There are four (4) positions available. You don't need to posses all of these skills, but as a team, we will be selecting people who have skillsets which complement each other to build a capable group.

Time Commitment - Minimum commitment of 6 months

Total of 10 - 14 hours per month

  • 2 hour meetings every other weekend (on-site)
  • 6 - 10 hours outside of meetings per month (can be done remotely)

A little bit about us


Free Geek Toronto (FGT) is a non-profit social enterprise in the heart of West Queen West helping to bridge the digital divide. We accept donations of electronic waste, refurbish computers, and re-sell them at accessible prices.

Our vision is to make our city a place where e-waste is disposed of responsibly, safely and ethically, and where everyone has access to computers and the Internet.

Our mission is to promote social and economic justice by:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste through reuse and recycling
  • Increasing access to computing and communications technologies
  • Promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software
  • Providing education, training, and job skills.

Our current funding streams are a mix of revenue from the sale of refurbished electronics (mostly laptops) and ethical recycling, and several single and multi-year grants. There remains untapped potential to grow our revenue significantly in the future.

Are you interested?

Work With Us


Make an impact, locally and globally

  • Conserve the environment and empower people in your community
  • Redirect e-waste from unethical and non-regulated recycling in developing countries
  • Support the creation of employment opportunities for marginalized groups
  • Refurbish e-waste - Give technology a second life in the hands of those who need it.

Enhance your Career

  • Practice and grow your skills as you acquire digital marketing experience and support digital marketing strategy planning across an organization
  • Gain connections and experience within the nonprofit sector, as well as network with other professionals through events.
  • FGT is in a significant growth phase and can offer volunteers progressively more responsible roles with emphasis on roles related to volunteer personal or professional development goals
  • Potential to lead and develop new initiatives at FGT including developing and leading training sessions for peers. You will be coached on how to lead and develop training sessions.
  • Continuous learning and professional development, cross-training opportunities, and skill development opportunities within and outside of your field.
  • These opportunities are constantly evolving and you will both lead and engage in learning.

Recognition and Incentives

  • We aspire to make the benefits of this position mutual. Depending on your contribution, we can provide reference letters and calls, free event tickets, and more.

Enhance your Networks

  • Meet other passionate volunteers or Represent FGT at events to meet inspiring people & companies