This position is part-time to start. If you need a full time salary read no further.

The domain side of this job will be explained to you as you go. You do not need to have a background in domains.

You must be a self-starter. We are in Halifax but you could be anywhere. You will be calling people on the phone and Skype and closing deals that way. We are looking for a person who would rather earn a good commission on the deals they close as opposed to collecting a salary. You may decide to do this in tandem with your day job.

.The sales profession is undergoing some pretty radical changes. Technology is transforming the profession.. The best salespeople:

Understand what the buyer wants

Sell in a buyer-responsive manner

Use psychology to engage the buyer

Establish trust with the buyer

Communicate succinctly

Act on what the customer is saying

Demonstrate subject matter expertise

Help (as opposed to close) their prospects

Tell really compelling stories

Sell effectively over the phone