Toronto, ON


Repable powers data-informed decision making for streamers and eSports athletes.  Our passion is gaming, and we're constantly flipping back and forth between hard work and quick bursts of Overwatch, Hearthstone, League & other games.  We usually have Azubu, Twitch or YouTube live streaming in the background.  Our expertise is in analytics & data, and we're pooling on that knowledge to change the way the gaming industry operates.   

This is a front-end development position, working closely with the back-end, product management and UI/UX design team members.  Your will primarily be creating and developing user interfaces for gamers using our platform.  They'll rely on the UI to make decisions about their weekly gameplay, and will make those decisions based on how you present data to them.  We want someone passionate about UI/UX, who understands that development is a series of problem solving exercises to fulfill user goals.  

This position requires prior experience.  You're ideally not straight out of a programming boot camp, unless you were among the best in your class.  You may need to create assets from time to time, but you'll be focusing largely on the development side of our user experience, onboarding and dashboards. 

We’re a small team based out of Toronto, ON but are looking for like-minded individuals to grow with us within North America.   You don't need to live in Canada to be eligible for this position, but we'd prefer it if you were.  


What your first year will look like:

  • You'll be constantly working with our UI/UX designer to iterate on and implement design concepts.  As such, you won't need to spend a lot of time in asset-creation land (unless you want to), but rather in the code itself.  
  • You'll guide the front-end vision of the company by chosing the languages and frameworks that we use, and make sure that they can scale with us appropriately.  
  • You'll be making data-informed decisions, and will share tasks in the artful balance between putting your code out in the wild and tracking it to understand if it's working as intended.  
  • You'll hit your head against the limitations of beautiful email mailouts.  More on that during the interview. 
Additional Information


  • Work with people who have done this before
  • A competitive startup salary
  • Stock options - a part of this company could be yours
  • Grow the early stage of a company