Toronto, ON


The esports space is booming, and we're in the middle of it, working with some of the largest teams in the world to help them create better rosters, and work more efficiently with their sponsors. Also, we're funded by some of the largest VCs in the world, and others that are the largest in Canada. 

We build SaaS apps, and you'll be leading the development of one of our offerings. You'll have a complete static mockup along with front end assets, including a UI/UX team to help you make changes on the fly. This means we don't need you to worry about design & UI/UX. You'll have a very experienced DevOps team to help you with deployment. You'll also work with a product manager who can help you translate mockup into functioning code.

You'll build a tool that interfaces with some of the world's largest social networks. You'll be consuming many social APIs (including our own!), and use the resulting content to make the lives of esports teams better.

Our team is remote and experienced. We need you to be OK with the first attribute, and come loaded with the second. We love to play PC games during (solo) and outside of (group) working hours. Finally, you will not be micro managed. If you need that level of management, you're not the right fit.



Build and maintain a SaaS product used by the largest esports teams in the world.

Work with product management team to refine the product spec, and translate those specs into actual code.

Work with the UI/UX lead to translate static mockup into working front end code.

Implement custom analytics to help you understand how user cohorts are using the product you've developed, and then optimize for user experience accordingly.


2+ years of experience working in tech startups. 3+ years of experience as a developer. The roller coaster is something you're comfortable with.

Able to build a SaaS app from the ground up with minimal supervision using a modern web framework (Django, Express, etc.)

Hands-on experience in web services (REST, OAuth etc.), API Development, and gateways/proxies.

Intermediate knowledge and experience with MySQL

Strong knowledge of client-side JS frameworks (Vue.js, React) and front-end tooling (Webpack, Gulp)

Additional Information

Work with people who have done this before, including world class VCs.

A competitive startup salary

Stock options - a part of this company can be yours

If you apply for the job, mention any Twitch emotes somewhere in your application so we know you actually read this. If you don't, we'll just throw your app away (kappa).