St. John's, NL


Help us build great products for great teams.

HeyOrca was created a year ago to answer a simple question: "How can we make collaboration seamless between marketing agencies and their clients?" With a little creativity and a TON of hustle - a year later, our web and mobile technologies are being used by some of the world's top marketing agencies and brands to plan and collaborate on social media campaigns.

HeyOrca is growing into large scale software that is integrated with social networks and numerous 3rd party APIs. Delivering complex enterprise features while maintaining a robust, understable and updated code-base are some of the challenges we face.

This is where you come in - be part of the HeyOrca family and help us help our users work better. We are having a blast and we hope that you will join us on this journey!


As a HeyOrca member (a.k.a an Orca!), you will be directly responsible for adding value to the company vs. just being another cog in the machine. Our goal is to build a great team, and with that, build great software.

A regular day at work might look like this:

  • Participating in morning scrum meeting
  • Working on the story/task/bug you like to work on
  • Making sure QA is in place
  • Meeting with the business team to discuss features or bugs (we rely on short meetings where we all contribute to the conversation rather than top-down boring meetings)
  • Having coffee/tea/lunch with the team
  • Finding out about a bug in production and fixing it in panic!
  • Reviewing, Learning or Teaching code with another peer
  • Reading what our customers are saying about the things you develop on our #feedback slack channel

Since we are a relatively small team, development tasks are not necessarily divided by the software layer (UI, Server, DB, etc.). All members contribute in some way to most aspects of the software from ideation to maintenance; that helps our developers fully appreciate their role and gets you exploring about areas outside of your expertise, further expanding your knowledge.

Creating a seamless flow of knowledge and information is something we strive for. Working from a central office provides us with the most effective means of communication. Thus, the development team carries out tasks (mostly) in the office with an open concept. Death to cubicles!

Additional Information

We're a team of dreamers and hustlers based in the oldest city in North America. We're also a pretty chill bunch and place great trust in each other to make the best decisions for the company. As a startup, we are constantly trying to make sense of the chaos that is around us and every small win keeps us going. We're pretty proud of where we've gotten so far... but it's only the beginning of an exciting adventure ahead. If you love the idea of working in a fast paced team environment and play a huge part in creating the next chapter of HeyOrca, we think you'll enjoy working with us :)

*Warning: It's not going to be easy - but you will have more fun than you ever had*