Halifax, NS


We're looking for an experienced marketer/growth hacker to join our team and help us achieve world domination.

We're a small but scrappy team based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team has been the secret sauce to our success and growth so far and we're looking for more people with the right skills and personality to help us power things up.

Our company culture is built from these principles:

  • Customer service is the foundation of our company, and it's the job of every team member regardless of title.
  • We're building more than just software. We're helping our customers sell smarter and be more successful.
  • There are no silos or egos around here. Product, marketing, and customer service all communicate and help each other to make the product better.
  • We are all about mutual respect, cooperation, and a good joke.

The person we hire for this position:

  • Is focused 100% on driving growth and revenue for SaaS companies and has the track record to back it up.
  • Is obsessively data-driven in his/her approach, using research tools, analytics, cohort analysis, segments and quantitative research to uncover insight that will help drive growth.
  • Works with our Content Marketing Manager and PPC agency to find opportunities and analyze ROI from campaigns and content initiatives.
  • Works with the product and engineering teams to uncover opportunities where we can use the product to drive growth related to retention, revenue, and referrals.
  • Has a diverse set of tools and skills to drive growth, including SEO, marketing automation, conversion optimization, consumer psychology.
  • Has extensive SEO experience, understanding the keyword research, strategy and onsite technical aspects of SEO and can align it with targeted content, quality link building, and outreach.
  • Understands all levels of the marketing funnel (pirate metrics), SaaS metrics (CAC, LTV) knows how to conduct A/B tests, multivariate tests and other types of tests using a scientific method to determine statistical significance.
  • Is insanely creative and innovative when it comes up to growth ideas, but has the discipline and processes in place to prioritize growth tests.

Please forward your resume along with a thoughtful email to careers@proposify.biz

Additional Information

Right now we work out of the Volta Startup House with an amazing view of the Halifax Harbour, but soon we'll be moving into our own space downtown.

The person we hire will enjoy:

  • A competitive salary
  • Vested stock options
  • Health & dental benefits
  • A new MacBook Air
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Friday happy hour on us
  • Strong, collaborative team environment
  • Ongoing investment into learning
  • A good laugh everyday