Moncton, NB


As an IT Project Manager at Alongside, you'll be responsible for planning, managing, and implementing projects in support of our business plans and goals. 

The Project Manager role has a direct responsibility for complete life-cycle management and accountability of project initiatives assigned, ensuring compliance to project management policies, standards, and procedures. 

  • Ensure project delivery expectations are specified and met through stakeholder management
  • Create project deliverables that meet/exceed the project sponsor's specified expectations
  • Engage project stakeholders and communicate project updates to ensure buy in and project success (examples: meetings, status updates)
  • Provide clear direction and motivation to lead team
  • Successfully manage project changes, risks, issues and actions
  • Manage all phases of multiple IT application projects from initiation to closure while leveraging best PM practice standards and processes
  • Develop detailed work plans, project schedules, estimates, and resource plans according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Excellent ability to communicate at all levels with clarity and precision (verbal & written)
  • Proven ability to quickly earn the trust of sponsors and key stakeholders; mobilize, motivate and lead teams; set direction and approach; resolve conflict; deliver tough messages with grace; execute with limited information and ambiguity
  • Previous experience managing technical web projects.
  • Proven ability to lead a team and work in conjunction with other team members (outside of the main project) to meet company goals
  • Must have excellent time management skills in terms of making & meeting project deadlines and goals.
Additional Information

We stand full-heartedly behind the meaning of togetherness. The balloons in our new logo represent job seekers, companies and us. They form a heart conveying the excitement and caring element we help bring to your recruitment process, but also to our work.

Alongside offers a non-traditional workplace with a close-knit team, and an 'always learning' approach to work. Our open office space is shared with other startups and always abuzz with excitement. We love ping pong, free coffee, celebrating birthdays, memes, and getting together for lunch. The team works together closely on projects and values celebrating our success as a team.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Work with very talented people who are creating the best HR platform
  • Benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunities for professional development

We are a startup, and that means we need to push a little harder than the average bear but we still live fairly balanced lives and we're having a blast doing so. We're not looking to just fill a position here. We're looking for someone to join our team who will be committed to the team and our vision.

What we can assure you are huge opportunities for personal and professional growth, fun times, the thrill of working with great people to create something special and the potential of achieving out of the ordinary success. If these work qualities are of interest to you, apply now.