, NS



As President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Scotia's early stage venture capital organization, you can play a transformational role in stimulating the province?s economic growth.


Reporting to the Board of Directors and working collaboratively with entrepreneurs, government, venture capitalists, academics, and industry organizations, you will develop and lead Innovacorp?s long-term strategy to help Nova Scotia start-ups commercialize their technologies and succeed in the global marketplace. You will lead a client-focused culture and high-performing team that shares your passion for innovation and results. Comfortable dealing in an environment of high public scrutiny and accountability, your efforts will be focused on differentiating Innovacorp and improving its impact. You will pursue new opportunities and partnerships; actively engage stakeholders; influence government policy development; and reshape business strategies to anticipate an ever-changing, dynamic marketplace.


As the ideal candidate, you are an individual who challenges the status quo and looks for new or better ways of doing things, having the insight, creativity and entrepreneurialism to understand market demands and develop new or enhanced service offerings in tune with the needs of tomorrow. You are either an experienced entrepreneur having successfully led a start-up through to exit, preferably in the technology sectors, or a proven senior business leader in a venture capital or business development organization. Possessing strong communication and relationship-building skills, you will be seen by stakeholders as a trusted partner and advocate.

A visionary, execution-focused leader, you will manage a newly capitalized organization staffed by a nimble and capable team in a time of rapid changes in technology, globalization, and increasingly complex government regulations and public policy. Supported by an experienced Board of Directors, you are ready to take the helm of a high profile organization that is motivated to respond to the ?Ivany Report,? understanding that entrepreneurship and innovation are key to growing our provincial economy and global competitiveness.

Your experience will enable you to quickly understand Innovacorp?s role in the start-up ecosystem and then lead the organization in its next exciting chapter.

If you?re interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact Kevin Stoddart at kstoddart@kbrs.ca or Erin Miller at emiller@kbrs.ca, or submit your application online at: http://www.kbrs.ca/Careers/11695