Halifax, NS


4Deep has an immediate opening and is looking for an organised, motivated, and self-reliant person to fill the position of Product Verification (PV) /Quality Assurance (QA) Lead. This position requires a dynamic personality and the ability to be "task flexible" to readily accommodate customer and company needs.


Job Description: This is a multifaceted position and will include, but not be limited to the following duties and responsibilities:

- PV / QA lead with an emphasis on PV

- Know, understand, and become an expert user of all company products

- Formulate and execute test plans for current and future hardware/software products

- Ensure design specifications are met in prototype/software betas before final product release

- Work intimately between all company departments to co-ordinate and implement PV / QA requirements

- Inspect parts/material from qualified vendors to ensure quality is maintained throughout company products

- Inspect hardware unit assemblies, sub-assemblies, and WIPs (work in progress)

- Run and test software beta releases for programming bugs and compatibility with hardware

- Field test new hardware designs, identify problems and report to engineering team for rectification

- Write and catalog bug reports for all hardware and software faults

- Investigate reported customer faults and replicate problem to determine if a design flaw is the root cause of the reported fault

Additional Information

Location: The location will be at the 4Deep inwater imaging office at 6589 Chebucto Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. There will also be occasions where travel to visit Guangzhou Bosma Corp. located in Guangzhou, China will be required.