The Opportunity

Toronto, ON
Sales and Business Development
Entry Level

Do you get excited when taking on new challenges or resolving issues with creative solutions? Do you want to collaborate with a team of skilled and passionate people to achieve a common goal, while also gaining some business experience? Are you analytical and able to extrapolate information from qualitative and/or quantitative data? Are you eager to do something good for your community, while also expanding your experience?

If this sounds like you, then we need you to join our team as a Sales and Business Analyst.

What you'll do


Your Goals:

As a Sales and Business System Analyst, you'll develop and execute sales strategies to improve our business and revenue streams and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies. Your responsibilities include:

  • Analyze and evaluate our supply chain,inventory turnover, and sales trends, and generate sales forecasts
  • Review our systems and management process and seek new ways to improve our supply chain
  • Develop and execute new sales initiatives to increase our revenue and community reach, such as an online sale initiative or a community targeted sale plan
  • Collaborate with marketing and business development volunteers to create low budget marketing strategies to attract potential buyers and secure product supply
  • Engage with potential clients to develop new business opportunities

Your Impact:

Your work will help FGT to grow, reach out to more people in need, and make tremendous social impact. FGT is in a significant growth phase, thus we need to improve our business and sales strategies. By working together with other volunteers, you will develop a "smarter" system, which allows us to recycle more e-waste and sustain our growth. With a "smarter" sales strategy, we will be able to give the technology back to more people that are in need and provide more opportunities for marginalized communities.

Volunteers keep Free Geek operating and we need an energized team with caring and passionate leaders, like you! You'll be creating and coordinating the teams that act as the lifeblood of the organization. You'll work as part of our business development team so you'll always feel supported.

Your Commitment:

Minimum of 6 months, You will need to commit about 10 ? 15 hours per month. Schedule flexibility, mostly work from home, and some traveling within GTA may be needed.

We're looking for

Core Skills

Sales Strategy Business Development Trends Marketing

A little bit about us


Free Geek Toronto (FGT) is a non-profit social enterprise in the heart of West Queen West helping to bridge the digital divide. We accept donations of electronic waste, refurbish computers, and re-sell them at accessible prices.

Our vision is to make our city a place where e-waste is disposed of responsibly, safely and ethically, and where everyone has access to computers and the Internet.

Our mission is to promote social and economic justice by:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste through reuse and recycling
  • Increasing access to computing and communications technologies
  • Promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software
  • Providing education, training, and job skills.

Our current funding streams are a mix of revenue from the sale of refurbished electronics (mostly laptops) and ethical recycling, and several single and multi-year grants. There remains untapped potential to grow our revenue significantly in the future.

Are you interested?

Work With Us

Why Join Us?

  • Make an impact, locally and globally
  • Conserve the environment and empower people in your community
  • Redirect e-waste from unethical and non-regulated recycling in developing countries
  • Support the creation of employment opportunities for marginalized groups
  • Refurbish e-waste - Give technology a second life in the hands of those who need it.

Enhance your Career

  • Exponential increase of your sales skills and business acumen in technology, government, non-profit sector
  • FGT is in a significant growth phase and can offer volunteers progressively more responsible roles with emphasis on roles related to volunteer personal or professional development goals
  • Potential to lead and develop new initiatives at FGT including developing and leading training sessions for peers. You will be coached on how to lead and develop training sessions.
  • Continuous learning and professional development, cross-training opportunities, and skill development opportunities within and outside of your field.
  • These opportunities are constantly evolving and you will both lead and engage in learning.

Expand your Horizon and Networks

  • Meet other passionate volunteers or Represent FGT at events to meet inspiring people & companies
  • Gain connections and experience within the nonprofit sector, as well as network with other professionals through events.

Recognition and Incentives

  • We aspire to make the benefits of this position mutual. Depending on your contribution, we can provide reference letters and call, free event tickets, and more!

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