Fredericton, NB


The technical lead is a challenging position for those who understand software and leadership. The technical lead will work hand in hand with a project manager to define goals and technical roadmaps for the company. The ideal candidate would have a strong sense of teamwork, the ability to lead engineers, and produce high quality code. The candidate would also have a heavy say with their team on what technical changes are to be made and what technologies to adopt.


Maintaining Software

· Decide the best tools to monitor for bugs

· Delegate tasks to other engineers to fix and refactor inefficient code

· Making structural changes and decisions to better the end product

Software Development

· Delegate tasks to themselves and engineers to fit within timelines

· Building out the right services to produce a high quality end goal

· Enforcing Unit Tests throughout development through a CI build system

· Peer review code and test cases to ensure a high quality product

· Work with a team of directors and project management to find the best strategies for new developments and integrations


· First point of contact for new integrations with our SDK's for new and existing technical partners

· Ability to speak with contractors if needed for additional support

· Resolving issues and helping deploy new integration partners

Management and Research

· In charge of deciding new software tools for the company as a whole as they become necessary/available

· Work with and direct a small team of software engineers

· Working with the project manager on any partners or contractors to ensure end products are delivered

· To research feasibility of new ideas and innovations and to prototype them


· The Technical lead reports directly to the directors of HotSpot (CEO, CTO, COO)

Additional Information

-good sense of humour
-team player willing to get on board to support all members in their roles
-office equipped with: chief happinness officer (Doc the Dog)
-caffeine, good spirits and self-proclaimed comedians