Toronto, ON

  • Repable powers data-informed decision making for streamers and eSports athletes.  Our passion is gaming, and we're constantly flipping back and forth between hard work and quick bursts of Overwatch, Hearthstone, League & other games.  We usually have Azubu, Twitch or YouTube live streaming in the background.  Our expertise is in analytics & data, and we're pooling on that knowledge to change the way the gaming industry operates.   
  • You make things look amazing.  That’s what you do.  You have a fundamental understanding of why sites like Lever, Buffer, KISSMetrics, Slack, Hall and RescueTime look great and work well.  You also appreciate the concept of designing with data, knowing when to use numbers to inform your decisions, and when to go with your gut.  
  • You aim to balance creativity with analysis & development, and look for cultures that respects design.  That being said, you've worked enough to know how painful the balance between shipping and perfection is.  Some say "design is beautiful.", but you know better, and believe "done is beautiful."
  • We’re a small team based out of Toronto, ON but are looking for like-minded individuals to grow with us within North America.  You don't need to live in Canada to be eligible for this position, but we'd prefer it if you were.  

What Your First Year Will Look Like: 

  • You will be designing user interfaces, site flows and user flows for our product offerings.
  • Our users will rely on your UI to make important decisions regarding their playing habits.  You'll know how to display data to them in a way that they immediately understand.  
  • Given that we’re working with gamers with limited technical knowledge, the UI needs to be clean to use and easy to follow.  
  • You love being challenged to build interfaces from the ground up, and that’s what this position requires.  Your responsibilities will revolve around taking back-end developer output (API data) and turning it into works of UI art.
Additional Information


  • Work with people who have done this before
  • A competitive startup salary
  • Stock options - a part of this company could be yours
  • Grow the early stage of a company