St. John's, NL


Help us build great products for great teams.

HeyOrca was created a year ago to answer a simple question: "How can we make collaboration seamless between marketing agencies and their clients?" With a little creativity and a TON of hustle - a year later, our web and mobile technologies are being used by some of the world's top marketing agencies and brands to plan and collaborate on social media campaigns.

HeyOrca is tightly integrated into social media marketing teams and we assist them in a variety of roles from copy-writers, to account managers and external stakeholders. The fact that our product changes how teams work - we face the challenge of creating a user experience that is easy to adopt and pleasant to use for our different end-users.

This is where you come in - be part of the HeyOrca family and help us help our users work better. We are having a blast and we hope that you will join us on this journey!


On a day to day basis, your tasks can be categorized into:

  • User experience design: HeyOrca enables social media teams to collaborate on content internally and interfacing the created content with various stakeholders for review and approvals. 
  • Our goals are to:
    • Have a user-centric design approach for any future software development 
    • Optimize the user experience for the different end-users with existing functionalities 
    • Making it seamless and easy for a team to adopt HeyOrca and integrate it into their workflow.
  • User interface development
    We need people who are both thinkers and doers. While our software development team can take care of complex server-side logic and simple design tasks, they are not experienced UI designers. Our goals with this aspect of the work are:
    • Ensuring a consistent user interface design throughout the application
    • Working as part of the development team to implement web user interfaces.

Your day to day activities would include:

  • Identifying weak spots in the software and providing solutions (mock-ups, new layout, etc.) for them to be re-designed.
  • Monitoring customer support tickets to understand the problems our users face.
  • Collecting one-on-one direct feedback from end-users.
  • Implementing a data-driven approach to collect and analyze user behavior (we have some implemented, but not analyzed).
  • Providing mock-ups to the development team for all new features.
  • Working closely with the business team to truly understand our customers, their clients and what they hope to achieve from HeyOrca.
  • Redesigning existing user interfaces to conform to branding and consistent designs.
  • Helping developers with the user interface design of the features.
  • Re-factoring UI code.
  • Implementing new client-side technologies (long-term).
Additional Information

We're a team of dreamers and hustlers based in the oldest city in North America. We're also a pretty chill bunch and place great trusts in each other to make the best decision for the company. As a startup, we are constantly trying to make sense of the chaos that is around us and every small win keeps us going. We're pretty proud of where we've gotten so far... but it's only the beginning of an exciting adventure ahead. If you love the idea of working in a fast paced environment, where nothing is certain and play a huge part in writing the next chapter of HeyOrca, we think you'll enjoy working with us :)

*Warning: It's not going to be easy - but you will have more fun than you ever had*